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Use of Cookies and Privacy

We're pretty low key on cookies to be honest, and you'll probably be a little tired of the same old message from just about every site you visit nowadays...

...but if you are reading this...


We don't collect any personal data on you when you visit any site, but we do:

  • Use Google Analytics to gather data on site visitors, and Google Analytics uses cookies, and
  • Use an advert tracking cookie to see how many times the promotional messages in sites are displayed and clicked on
  • Use a neat system by Big Media to optimise the experience you have based not only on screen size, but also the device you're using.
  • Er... that's about it

Please note: if the site you have visited is a microsite for one of our partner places to eat, then if you have already accepted cookies for the website, you will not see the notice again as your preference will already be noted.


We respect your privacy, and we won't sell any data. We are interested in promoting our own services and those of selected partners, as we believe we have a genuine business and offer information and services of value. In the event we contact you by any means we have, including but not limited to telephone, email, by post, and you would prefer not to receive more information with us, simply tell us and we'll stop. The way we see it, we're not going to do anything that takes us time and effort and serves only to annoy you.

Thanks for watching - well, reading anyway, and enjoy!!